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Material Mica
Thickness 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm
Application Industrial Use, Thermal Insulation
Feature Adhesive, Good For Water Repellent, Smooth Surface
Country of Origin India

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Location All Countries Except India

Muscovite mica is invaluable in the electrical industry because of its unique combination of physical, chemical and thermal properties, low power loss factor, dielectric constant and dielectric strength. Mica is fireproof, Mica is a stable and completely inert to the action of water, acids, oils and solvents. It is virtually unaffected by atmospheric acid and chemicals. It has high dielectric strength with the ability to withstand 1,000-1 , SOO volts per mil of thickness without puncturing. It possesses a low power factor ( High Q of 0.01 to 0.03 %). It is unaffected by heat up between 500- 700 degrees C (or about 1300 degrees F.). At temperatures above 700 degrees C it begins to calcine and loses its water crystallization depending upon the quality of the mica.

Dry ground mica forms a non-lustrous highly delaminated product with a high aspect ratio whereas wet grinding produces thin, flat platelets with a high luster and good slip.

Besides its glittering and aesthetic effects, mica has multiple functional properties which make it essential for a multitude of applications. Mica is widely used for its reinforcement properties, preventing cracks. It reduces warpage in thin plastics frames. Thanks to its very high aspect ratio, mica imparts the highest level of gas and moisture barrier performances. It provides also good rheology, smooth application conditions

We manufacture Mica scrap, Natural mica flakes, Calcined flakes, Coloured flakes, Natural mica powder (Dry wet ground), Calcined mica powder, Coloured mica powder and Mica splitting.

Mica Scrap Flakes:-
Mica Scrap
Mica Scrap is the nomenclature given to the irregular lumps of mica as received from the mines in various tinges like Ruby, Ruby black spotted, White Green having a area between and 1 .

This type of mica is mainly exported to electrical insulating mica parts manufacturing plants all over the world to be made into a pulp used for the manufacturing of mica paper and reconstituted mica plates, board, tapes, tubes, sheets, and other machine parts. Domestically, it is used as a raw material for the manufacturing of mica flakes and powder.

Mica Flakes
Mica Flakes are manufactured from mica scrap which is ground into sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 30 mesh. We prepare this material mainly by the means of rotary hammer crushing machine in which the mica is beaten till such time that the required size is not achieved and the material passes out from graded sieves.

There are three grades (Coarse, Medium & Fine) of MICA FLAKES which are normally used for specific purposes:

Oil well Drilling:
Mica is used as a mud additive in drilling fluids to prevent loss of circulation and as a sealant. Mica is a good sealant because the sheet particles overlap each other sticking to the side of hole and creating a sealed wall. This helps to keep circulation in the hole.

Pealcent pigments:
Mica Flakes is indispensably used in the manufacturing of pearlescent pigments (pearl luster pigments) which consists of natural mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide. It possesses high reflective and refractive index imparting natural pearl-like luster and magical gloss with abundant fascinating colours and enticing appearance. Pearlescent pigments are applied to numerous industries like paint, plastic, coating, printing ink, leather, cosmetic, dyeing, ceramic, rubber and paper.

For Decoration and Ornamental Display:
High quality white Mica Flakes are used for bright and artificial snow impression. As a decorative material to produce shimmering and glittering effects, it is used by christmas tree flockers, candle makers, floral designers, scrap bookers, wedding designers, artists, crafters and many more. It is also used to adorn and prettify wall papers, fancy papers, greeting cards and various novelties.

Other uses are found in Calcium silicate board, metal explosives and Concrete block fillers, sometimes in tiles and slabs.

Mica powder
It is prepared from grinding and breaking of mica scrap namely by Dry Ground process & Wet ground process. The production is economically carried out in the pulverisers transforming into mica powders of different particle sizes. Meticulous care and precaution is taken to avoid deterioration of its natural brilliance, colour and properties.

Wet ground Mica
Manufactured from the purest muscovite mica, by a slow, frictional delamination process, this unique mica powder finds a wide variety of applications in industries like rubber, plastics, paints and cosmetics.

Paints, Coatings, adhesives & Sealants
Mica Powder is an important constituent as an extender and filler for paint manufacturing. The platy structure of mica reinforces a protective coating in paints. The addition of mica facilitates suspension, reduces cracking and peeling, prevents shrinking and shearing of the paint film, increases resistance of the paint film to moisture penetration and atmospheric weathering, augments performance and brightens the tone of coloured pigments. Utilisation of mica in paints is universally well established for its functional properties. For, adhesives and Sealants, it reduces cracking, shrinkage, moisture, gas permeability and improves heat resistance. Easily sprayable, improves acoustical properties and heat resistance.

The color of our wet ground mica, its low abrasiveness, our special refining process, which gives a particular effect and smoothness, make it the ideal product to provide a sheen and glittering effect in powders/foundation, lipsticks, nail varnishes, eye-shadows and barrier creams/ lotions. It is very safe to use on sensitive skin. Mica is non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and totally inert. Wet ground mica is more transparent than talc and creates buildable coverage without completely covering the skin. Mica is resistant to heat, weather and chemical attack and has excellent lubricity, skin adhesion, compressibility and reduces greasiness of oil containing formula. A major point for the use of wet ground mica is in cosmetics, ability to block UV radiation and thereby prevent skin cancer.

Dry Ground Mica
Rubber & Tyer
Mica Powder is a highly useful component as an anti-sticking and anti-blocking compound in the production of rubber tyres for automobiles, motor bikes and airplanes. Applied as a dusting and releasing agent, it prevents the inner rubber and casings of tyres from sticking to the mould during vulcanization. Mica prevents movement of sulphur while permitting air and moisture to escape during curing and creating a uniform structure. As a rubber additive and filler, mica improves resilience, hardness, tensile strength and tear resistance of rubber articles.

Our wet ground mica is known for its dimensional stability, low water absorption, increased stiffness and improved heat distortion temperature of plastic composites used in automotive applications. It improves the physical properties of polypropylene, polyethylene, PBT, PET, PPO and nylon composites. Our mica grades are rightly called effective reinforcing additives and used as a filler. The mica reinforced polypropylene composites are meeting the growing demand of larger, thinner and ber parts with reduced weight and better surface appearance.

Welding Electrodes
Mica Powder is well recognized for use in the manufacturing of welding electrodes as a flux coating on the metal wire. Mica is added to the flux with which welding electrodes are coated as arc stabilizers, weld pool protectors, fluxing agents, slag modifiers, binders, extrusion agents and pigments. Potassium also facilitates re-ignition of the welding rods after interruptions to the current. The Mica coating provides two distinct types of protection. Firstly, it serves in forming a fusible slag and a good seal at the fusion zone of the arc. Secondly, it resists the action of heat, gaseous and other surrounding atmospheric oxidation. In fact, it is the nature of mica coating that largely determines the quality of welding electrodes.

Wallboard Joint Cement Compounds
Mica Powder is a cost effective filler and extender in wallboard joint cement compounds. It is used for filling and finishing the joints, seams and blemishes on gypsum wallboard, between adjacent sheets and other structural constructions. Mica acts as a reinforcing agent improving the workability of compound by preventing cracking, eliminating peeling and reducing shrinkage. The wall surface is protected from moisture absorption since mica particles are insoluble and impenetrable by water. They also provide smooth edge and decorative texture of the wall surface.

Mica Powder is used as facing agents to prevent defects and improve the surface of the finish casting. It allows gas to escape enabling the metal to completely fill the mould before hardening. Mica is added to the coating applied to foundry cores and moulds to avert sand burn in metal casting and moulding. It protects the sand from direct contact with molten metal so that they can be re-used for fresh moulds. Mica is also used as an annealing agent for metal treatment because of its high insulation properties.

Refractory Bricks
Mica Powder is used in the manufacture of insulating bricks, slabs, blocks and tiles because of its excellent thermal and insulating properties. Since mica bricks can safely withstand extreme temperatures of 1000C, it keeps heat losses to minimum, minimizes energy consumption, reduces operating costs, enhances furnace efficiency and improves furnace room condition. An additional advantage of mica bricks is stability after long use.

Asphaltic Products
Fairly large tonnage of Mica Powder is used as an inert filler to asphalt and bituminous compositions. Applied as a surface coating to rolled asphalt roofing felt, shingles and damp coarses, mica increases hardness and resistance to mechanical stress and weathering. Mica prevents sticking of adjacent surfaces during manufacture and storage. The coating is not absorbed by freshly manufactured roofing because of the platy structure of mica. It imparts glistening appearance and enhances durability of the roofing product. As compared to other materials, the viability of mica is proven for the above purpose.

Acoustic Products in Automobiles
Mica Powder is extensively used as a filler in acoustic compounds in the manufacturing of automotive components to control noise and insulate the heat generated by commercial vehicles for the comfort and well being of the driver and passengers. The advantages of anti-vibration, sound damping and heat protection utility of mica cannot be neglected. Besides, the addition of mica in acoustic products significantly improves the properties such as increased strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. It also reduces flammability and warping.

Gypsum Plaster Boards
Significant volume of Mica Powder are used as a filler in light weight pre-fabricated gypsum wallboards, slabs and panels for building constructions. Mica flakes manufacturers fabricate these to split the wall of houses for preventing noise, heat & ultra violet rays

60 mesh
mica powder used in welding electrodes, protective coatings, foundry, enamels, body lubricants, and adhesives which improves physical properties, anti sag and reduces cracking.

100 mesh
powder is used in texture paints, acoustical plasters, ceiling tiles to increase architectural durability, for adhesion and water proofing

325 mesh
super fine powders is used to manufacture paints, plastics, rubber and paper to Provide stiffness, lower density and higher permeability We can provide you with the customize sizes as per your requirements.

Note:- Specifications and chemical analysis can be furnished only when we get to know the grades/applications desired by you.

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